Ministry of human resource development, Government of India
Tue Feb 28 19:55:08 IST 2017


S.No. Important Links
1. Department of Public Instruction Karnataka
2. Karnataka State Higher Education Council
3. Department of Collegiate Education Karnataka
4. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Department of Public Instruction

Number of Schools Enrolment Transition Rate (In %)
Elementary Secondary Elementary Secondary Primary to Upper Primary Upper Primary to Secondary
61369 14892 8323556 1685335 94.26 91.38

List of Institutes

S.No. Institute Name Location
Central University
1. Central University of Karnataka Gulbarga
Indian Institute of Management
1. IIM Bangalore Bangalore
Indian Institute of Science
1. Indian Institute of Science-Bengaluru Bangalore
National Institute of Technology
1. National Institute of Technology Srinivasanagar Surathkal Surathkal
Institutions Related Languages
1. Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore